Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to 2006, in which I fret

Happy new year! I have spent most of today's waking hours (fewer than usual due to antics) worrying about the complexities of VAT. Sleep a little more soundly at night, my friends, knowing that you will never have to think about value added tax in a way that includes the following phrases that I uttered this evening:

"Oh no. Oh god. Oh no. Oh dear."

I think I might have to release my vice-like grip on my accounts. The prospect of VAT has ruined the love affair between me and numbers. It was less a love affair than a blind date, where your date is a spreadsheet (who hates you).

Running a business is really hard, it's not all crowns and capes round here, you know. I'm cancelling the comic and going to live in a hermit's caravan.



CodeGuy said...

Oh god, tonight's comic is so damn funny. My throat is a little hoarse.

I read the comic it refers to for awhile, then gave up because I think he's actually abusing his audience with his comic (not to mention the dictator forum policies and the unbelievable t-shirt whoring). Tonight's Scary Go Round nails it on the head so much.

Sarah said...


I believe this is the second time you have threatened to quit and become a hermit, although I believe the caravan may be an upgrade from a grotty old cave. The jig is up! I know you are fibbing. Get back to work!


Unknown said...

I don't mean to spoil the dream, but you do realize that you'll have to pay VAT on the caravan as well, right? Unless, of course, you build the caravan yourself out of twigs, duct tape, and hope, though none of those are known to make caravans up to the standard of the British Caravan Standards Association (BCSA).

That'll kill your resale value right there. For sure.

BattleSchoolGraduate said...

Well, this may sound vapid, but I'm studying VAT taxes in civics class! Good luck with that form there. Today's comic is absolutely wonderful, per usual. I think that's the first time we've ever seen Esther's hair do that! Sweet! Good luck in the new year!

Vanessa Mouse said...

Don't go!
I ... I love you!
(Hee hee! Wouldn't it be just so cool if that was said exactly once, by a different person each time, in every comment thread on your blog? The answer is yes!)

Rebecca said...

Mmm. That's a nice comic you've got there.

Spicerguy said...

If the world were like Dawsons creek or the OC, we would all be insane. INSANE. And all those poor psychotherapists (of which fraternity I almost joined) would be out of business because they would be insane as well. Dawsons Creeek /=/ Reality. I'm glad you reminded us. Decent British folk have learned the advantages, honed over generations, of disasociating the progress of the mind and of the mouth. Just ask my ex.