Sunday, July 22, 2007

Feeling les(s) diabolique

For laundry reasons I decided to wear my disappointing Spoon shirt today. When I put it on, I rather liked the cut of my jib in it. I had a new quality, some might call it a "manliness". So I have decided it is an all right t-shirt, though I'm still not sure if it is all right to source goods in Honduras, where child labour is a kind of national sport.


I can't believe these posts don't get 2000 replies. They're both thought-provoking AND insightful.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dream symbols

My brain is slipping fast into Comic-con mode. I know this because last night I had a dream that me and my Dumbrella friends were on our way there, and as we travelled, we all admired Jeff Rowland's new hairdo. He claimed it was his "con hair" and part of his "game face". You may be surprised to hear that he had gone out and got a super-tight perm and then a flat-top on top. Jeff looked extremely fresh.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Best New Band In Britain Alert

In addition to my earlier Greenwald Alert, I wanted to give a best new band In Britain alert. Surely, surely Los Campesinos! I often feel like most contemporary British bands don't have any magic - Los Campesinos! arguably have TOO MUCH. I'm going to see them on October 13th and... TEARS OF JOY, Sky Larkin offer stellar support!

Let's hope I survive my Californian adventure and return, refreshed, to rock anew.

Ever Decreasing Circles

I only read two articles on the internet today. One was an article on Entertainment Weekly's website about Achewood, by a "David Greenwald". Then this evening I went looking for information about Mount Eerie parts 6 and 7. Within seconds I was reading a review of a gig by "David Greenwald".

Does David Greenwald control the internet? Have this man's entertainment tentacles penetrated every corner of my media life? I can only imagine that upon landing in California next week, Mr David Greenwald will be lying in wait with a pearl handled pistol in his hand.

What is his game? And WHY? Will I live long enough to find out?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Fitted shirt

I don't usually make posts that are pure complaint, but I pre-ordered Spoon's "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' and ordered the mystery Spoon shirt at the same time. Well, the package arrived today and it is the most horrible tshirt I have ever seen. And I work in WEBCOMICS! The shirt is made in "Honduras" and feels like you could push your finger through it. The design makes reference to "Les Diaboliques" which is appropriate because it is diabolically poor.

The one good thing I can say about this shirt is that given its sickly light yellow hue, it will be indistinguishable from my other dusters when I cut it up.


Spoon are still the best band in the world.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Banjax'd with a Fender Strat

I can't believe it's July! The year is hurtling past with what can only be described as unprecedented fury. It hasn't really been a fun year, as I have dedicated almost every spare moment to fierce labour. While others have been dancing in the streets, high on life, I have been locked away, pale and gremlin-like.

"But John," you say, "what have you been up to? We see no evidence of back-breaking toil!" Well, in addition to attempting to entertain you with my daily yarns and that, I have been drawing another small book in the vein of Girlspy and Scare-o-deleria. A standalone tome featuring 32 pages of larks and japes (ie, story), and about another 8 pages of "fun" (exact nature of "fun" yet to be determined).

I made it to page 26 before Comic-con madness meant I had to get ahead on other things, but on my return I will lay down the rest and rush it to the printer for an early September release.

If I sell more than a thousand out of the traps, I will do another stand-alone thing. It will be a deal between us. If no one cares about this laboured-over spectre-centric tome, I will start ENJOYING MY LIFE (also WINKING AT GIRLS and GETTING UP LATE).

Money raised from this book will go towards my continued attempts to escape Chadderton. Thank you for your interest!

Anyway, here's the cover. I think you'll like it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

No way

I have just returned from a two and a half hour biopic of Edith Piaf, in French. I hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about Edith Piaf previous to today but now I am thinking she had some good ideas about singing. I reckon this one will be rocking the multiplexes coast to coast like Grease, Star Wars, Jaws or Total Recall!

I think this is a good film for people who like sounds, ideas, boxing, disease and pianos! 8/10!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canon vs diocese

I have received a handsome picture from reader Rene Engström. Isn't it great? Yes it is now pipe down.