Monday, January 02, 2006

Maybe things are going to be okay

After thinking about VAT for a really long time yesterday and this morning, I have convinced myself that perhaps the government are going to let me off VAT accounting, because:

1) There's zero tax on books
2) My t-shirts are made in and shipped from my New England tax haven, outside the remit of HM Customs and Excise
3) What remains ain't worth a dang of anybody's time

However I think I might have been hallucinating when I deduced this from the many fascinating documents I read this morning.

If this is really true, I promise (to you, and Jesus) that I will finish the thing below without complaint, by the end of February.

It is about ghosts, phantoms and spectres.


Marcin said...
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Marcin said...

This result is so good that you should probably try to get HMCR to say what it thinks in writing. If they say no, find someone much richer who doesn't want their name in the court lists to finance your legal battle against HM Govt.

joe said...

I don't know much about VAT , but I do know about Scare-o-deleria, and what I know is good. Godspeed, John A! Race forward towards victory (and more things for me to purchase from you).

Steve said...

oo, very intriguing. i await greatness.

Roman said...

Way to cheat the system! What would the Queen Mum think? Her Royal Highness needs gold to fund her lavish expeditions, and you're dumping tea into Boston Harbor.

B said...

If I remember correctly there had been some toying with making a print of the Amy Chilton Live art. I don't know what came of that, but I'd rather see something like this, simple and elegant and one color.