Thursday, September 28, 2006


I thought this might make a nice tshirt slash hoodie. I'm thousands of miles from my garden so I can't take it out there and shoot it right now. By clerical error it is ushered through.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I am still in Brooklyn

You may be amazed to hear that I am still in Brooklyn. Apparently, when I get home I have to build a wardrobe. I cannot face building the wardrobe so I am staying here until next week, hiding. You should really confront your fears but I don't have an electric screwdriver and if I put a screwdriver bit in my power drill, something terrible is going to happen, something kind of George Romero - I just know it.

Despite the fact that I'm on holiday, I've been very productive! Such is the atmosphere of wild, unbridled creativity at Dr Vampire's house. I have designed a terrifying tshirt, and also drawn this picture (below) for you, the reader of this blog. There have also been secret consultations about many powerful and unimaginable projects.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nuns vs guns

The blog has been quiet of late as I spent the last week adjusting to the arrival my new room-mate, Sister Bernadette. A pious and godly woman, she fills the house with prayer and holy song at all hours of the day.

But I cannot hear her ululations because I am in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK from today, ringing the mighty bell of freedom over and over and over again. Praise be to liberty!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Joltin' Johnny A

R Stevens has begun his campaign to have he and I installed as the creative team on Iron Man, a move that would obviously cause a lot of problems since a. I have not read a new Marvel comic since about 1995 and b. his ideas are 90% completely at odds with mine (in his version, Iron Man would fight either trees or super-villains largely unfamiliar to readers under the age of 50, in between checking his email). In my version Iron Man would attempt to date Dazzler due to a mutual love of roller skates, and his enemies would be crazed international businessmen called things like "The Sultan" and "The Sheik". This is not what the suits at Marvel will want to hear.

Anyway here's the concept sketch that will both midwife and bury this sorry pursuit of a grey Iron Man dream.

The wandering ink stick

When I sit and doodle in front of the TV, this is what usually happens.