Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ROCK DESK: Regina Spektor "Us"

I am led to believe that Regina Spektor has a new album due and this song has been both "appended to it" and "lifted from it" as a single. Click the "video" link here. Regina Spektor is another artist who I had the wrong idea about. This could be a series!


GeekChicOhio said...

Soviet Kitsch is among my favorite recently-discovered albums.
I recommend it highly.

Citizen Meh said...

I heard "Us" a couple of months ago, and am seeing Madame Spektor at Leeds solely on the basis of that song. Thank you for the video though. You are indeed the (proverbial) man.

Tom Meade said...

Thank you for turning me on to this young woman. It is quite nice music.

Ray said...

That was awful.

Just statin'. Not hatin'.

When it comes to pianist-chanteusses I prefer Missy Higgins.


myownprivatedisco said...

Have you heard "Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men" by The Strokes? It is a duet between J. Casablancas and the aformentioned Regina Spektor, and I think is possibly The Strokes' best song. It was the B-side of the 'Reptilia' single and is definitely worth checking out (if you like The Strokes at all, that is).