Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Now I rest

The poster has gone to the printer's (from now on I am calling it an "art print", because it is our duty to be classy). The LBAE reissue is paid for and on its way to the printer's , so expect orderin' time real soon. New combo packs, magical dreams, all because you said YES.

Finally today, something I drew just to be kind of a jerk.

That isn't real, but if you ask me to draw your band's album cover, that is what you'll get.


Rachel said...

That is the cutest little Scott Miller I've ever seen.

Eve said...

who wouldn't want their album cover to look like that?

Sue T. said...


I just love it, and your cartoons of Scott & Anton are so cute! I would love to use one of your drawings on a REAL album cover someday.

--Sue @ 125 Records

John A said...

Sue, it would be an honour to contribute something someday!

GeekChicOhio said...

So when my band (if? my? band?) ever goes into the "Man, we need somebody to do cover art" stage.
Remind me to call you.
because that's awesome.

Stu Popp said...

Mr. John A.

how much would such an album cover cost a hyptothetical band?