Thursday, January 12, 2006

The radio has overexcited me

People always look at me like I've gone mad when I say I would rather do a radio show than comics. But for about ten years I've been captivated by the idea of what a radio show would be like if I did one. Playing some songs, saying some things. Doing some "items". I was, after all, trained in the art of audio presentation by the BBC. I have pushed a fader, I have taken a call "from the phones" - but never in anger. I have edited some waveforms in my time.

Now the age of "Podcasts" is upon us and perhaps I should make one. Just to see if this is a game worth playing. And apparently Garageband 3 makes this extremely easy, even when you do not have a studio to hand. It would be me, at my most egotistical.

The hot flame of excitement I feel today may be the result of some sort of manic episode, but I'll take a day where I'm as giddy as a five year old if it's offered.

Finally, if you like me love radio as a medium, be sure to listen to Harry Shearer's "Le Show" (if you haven't before). The eminent comic actor holds the world record for "most laconic host".


R. Kris McNeely said...

I'm all for the podcast, John. Consider me subscribed.

Christophe said...


Elucidate. Is this a MAC and Apple only affair? Does this discriminate against the hardy windows and Creative user?

I think we all share this dream of chucking it all in and playing other people's music for money and venting randomly.

For best effect, your show should go out between the hours of 3 and 5am.

At least that was my dream.

John A said...

It will just be an mp3, just some sonic sounds I guess. i will record the sounds and somehow put them on interwebs for you to hear. Then i will ask someone cleverer than me to help make things somewhat legit. But it won't be a late night vibe, I am not Lester the night-fly on W-JAZ.

Ray said...

I'd listen to a podcast. In fact, didn't I suggest this a few months back? I can't remember - because i'm in agony with sciatica in my left leg - but it sounds like something I would suggest.

Also, I'd listen to Harry but I swore to One-eyed Bearded Odin that I would never, ever reinstall Real Player.

Today's gibberish - vszzwx

Roman said...

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not podcasting is just the 21st century version of my brother and I staging ridiculous programs in the basement using a tape recorder. That being said, a friend from college, who I have tremendous respect for, is an accomplished podcaster. If it feels good, John, then do it.

Then again, who's to say Blogger isn't just the 21st century version of reading aloud from your diary?

eye candy said...

Roman said: Then again, who's to say Blogger isn't just the 21st century version of reading aloud from your diary?

I always compared blogging with being naked in front of a crowd of strangers. Or having someone watching you dress through your window, like peeping. Off topic, yes.

On topic: I enjoy listening to Podcasts quite a lot! As is frequently said where I live: "Give 'er guts!"

joe said...

I have worked in real-life radio and in internet phantom podcast radio, and I will say that it can be pretty fun. Also, I am sure yours would be funner on account of your gift for funny, a gift that I receive only in small doses and infrequently.

GeekChicOhio said...

I worked for a summer for the evil empire.
Clear Channel Communications, the american super-conglomerated-monopol-pastuerizing-and-bore-ifying-your-airwaves company.
But, radio is certainly fun, and I'd love to do it again sometime for a slightly nicer employer.

Podcasts are for yes!

Nich said...

Ooh. I have subscribed to a podcast here and there but always let them lapse because I found them boring. But I suspect yours is one I would listen to every time, should you do one.

Alysia said...

I started doing a radio show on my campus my Freshman year, and I'm really glad that I am still doing it. Even though it might be the case that no one listens, I still get to try to infect the world with the music I like. Now I'm the music director, which is quite possibly the best job ever. Free music, fun people, tickets to shows. I get paid for this stuff, haha.

Also, I ended up finding out that I have a good voice for the industry, which is fun to know.

The tangerine python said...

No! If you do a podcast, then not only will I have to figure out exactly what kind of a creature a podcast is but then Ill have to go about the business of getting access to your so called podcast.
Unless you also do a transcript for your podcast.

Tom Meade said...

I see a future where Scary-Go-Round is a multi-media extravaganza involving audience participation, hypertextual theory, powerpoint and bobble-headed encoder bracelets.

Please do that.

Ben L. said...

A podcast is just a regular ol' audio file that is released onto the internet. The only thing that differentiates it from old forms of internet audio is its subscription format, meaning the newest update is automatically updated to your RSS reader. iTunes also has a large list of free podcasts, but it isn't necessary to use Apple software.

marianne said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Podcast is go!
Radio is rad! Completely and totally rad! I would love to hear your BBC-stylings very much!
Hurrah for podcastings!