Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen

Liz Phair's childhood passport:

Proof positive that even the most awkwardly bespectacled of us can make it as a globally admired song siren and indie-boy lust object.


llimllib said...

Liz Phair is from Connecticut? Impressive that she managed to be interesting. (disclaimer: 19 of my 23 years have been spent in Connect a cut)

eye candy said...

There's nothing unattractive with being bespectacled. Its much better than having crooked teeth.

John A said...

I don't think there was anything attractive about the spectacles parents used to put on their kids in the 1980s. They were big and made you feel like you were hiding behind two disused TV screens.

Willie Hewes said...

I am both bespectacled AND have crooked teeth. Is there no hope for me?

BTW, John, I posted a review of you. I'm afraid my highly sophisticated critical writing failed to hide my unbridled fangirlness completely (there may even be a squeal in there) but hey, it's just a blog.

BTW, did you know that BTW is dutch for VAT? I'm sure you're glad to know that. Now you can think of VAT every time someone says 'by the way'. XD

Glad to help,

eye candy said...

But grown-ups used to wear such horrid eyewear as well! I think it was "en vogue" then or something. I can remember the old man style that my mother used to dress my brother in.

Completely random fact: I've always secretly been jealous of people who wear glasses, they look so sharp.

Tom Meade said...

If you only have trouble with one eye, does that mean you can get away with wearing a monocle?