Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holy heck

The blog is closed until the new year. Words do not come easy to me in December. We will meet again in 2006 and lace daisies into one another's hair. Until then:

War is over, if you want it!


Teresa Bowman said...

Season's greetings, Mr Allison.

May your end-of-year festivities conform to levels of enjoyment approved and ratified by the Holidays Committee (Public) of Great Britain, the Indie Police, and Roy Wood & Wizzard.

Roman said...

Did you hear that in America someone has declared war on Christmas? This is a war I want to be over. I like my Christmas cookies far, far too much.

Christophe said...

I'm going to say it again.

*Esther is wearing a Santie Hat*!*

Happy Holidays to all.

Corwin said...

Happy Festivus!

Willie Hewes said...

*wants it really hard*

Happy Christmas to you and all your readers (far more than mine, ha ha!)

And all the best in the new year.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas. Thanks for the great artwork and your section in Steve Withrow's book!

Colin Reed Moon said...

We'll miss you; hope you love Baby Christ enough to get candy.

Also, I figured I'd drop a link because I've been linking you a lot;


Ray said...

Happy Mid-Winter Feast and Present Giving Ceremony!!

Today's word verification gibberish is "hgdugm". Happy hgdugm to eveybody!

G3K said...

What about your famous year-end records list? I went and purchased Blueberry Boat last year (or the year before?) solely on your recommendation, and I was not disappointed - just very, very confused.

spaps said...

hy ....
im form arg.... youre amazing, your works incredibly identified me... (sorry, for grammar language or wahtever i dont know much english...)

well i dont know what to say..
is there any chance of buying your stuff?? i mean, me, here, from the 'culo del mundo'....

woow im really impressed with your drawigns... please check my page.
(of course, it's not tthhhatt much.. but it's my tiny little page..)(i havent updated it...)
well i made them with paint(brush)... and i do a bit better with 'handandpencil', but im too lazy to scan them or tankin pics.....

well i dont want to bore you... good luck in your life!!

merry christmas n new year

(santiago papanicolau)

Terra V. said...




ps. ...I... I love you.

BattleSchoolGraduate said...

I just want to say a few words here:

Word #1: I love your work! I've been reading SGR religiously for around a year now, and it has remained consistantly wonderful. Thank you very much for making the world a funnier and slightly more bearable place for me!

Word #2: This is a little off topic, and not adressed specifically to you, but I think that someone should start a Esther de Groot fanlisting! If they did, I would soooo join!

okay, that's all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

ps. I'm an american, and believe me when i say that there is no war on christmas! it is purely a myth.

Zeke said...

There is a war on Christmas, but we are waging it secretly out of Canada- wait, uh, I mean Merry Christmas!
We are in no way building a mind control ray to turn you all into gay Communists.

Magnu-tron said...

Will the blog title change with the new year? I vote no. Time only owns us if we let it. Unless the whole title changes, and then maybe ok, but 'Fugue State Aphasiacon 2006' doesn't sing. There's a sci-fi sound to "fugue state aphasiacon" that deserves a sci-fi sort of year to go along with it, like 2005. Clearly, no science fiction has ever been set in 2006. It's even numbered. It lacks strength and the numerals have no sharp edges, like safety scissors. Record numbers of puppies will probably be born in 2006.

I would go with something much more warm and fuzzy, closer to a romantic comedy style.