Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tshirt desperation desk

Sorry that there have been no new posts but I have been very busy trying to be good at drawing. Hopefully improvement is evident with each passing day. Some of next week's comics look pretty nice.

Designing tshirts is a rubbish job, especially when you would, personally, never wear anything with a "snappy" phrase on it - though I do like S Britt's shirts, where the words mean absolutely nothing. But a lack of supply is choking demand, and I must answer the call. Today's work in progress: society's easy little boxes. Finished colours may vary etc etc

Now, you and I both know that the second I can afford to, I will never make another tshirt ever again. That bitter dichotomy helps me keep quality high. But those boxes quite tickled me. One's a little tank!

More soon lest "Secret Scary Friend" enter its 17th year on sale. Feel free to make requests in the comments area of the blog.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've got an ad in the next issue of legendary alternative comic Love and Rockets. It's hard to be a huckster for yourself when you're not given to the art. Fortunately, following some consultation with a close ally, a compromise was reached.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Where we take things "nice and Keys-y"

Following my earlier cusses, I will cheer up with the good news that Danny Baker is back on BBC London (weekdays 3-5pm). He has always been the ultimate thing to put in my ears since small times, a shaping influence on the things I enjoy! My world would be infinitely poorer without having embraced his broad cultural brief, from S.J Perelman to Jake Thackray.

Where is my BBC Radio Player? One may "listen again".

Also much respect to Danny Kelly of course.

Webcomics on iPod/PSP/Kodachrome slide

I'm hearing a lot of talk these days about putting webcomics on iPod photos and PSPs to read. Maybe I'm a dangerous lunatic, but wasn't the great thrill of doing comics on the internet that you didn't have to cram them into the tiny space available in the newspaper? Is there some sort of irresistable push to make comics as unreadable (and un-enjoyable) as possible?

I can't believe it only took 29 years for me to become a dinosaur. But unlike the dinosaurs of the past, I have written a couplet to express my utter dismay:

Read your comics at a reasonable size
Then perhaps when you're 70 you'll still have EYES.

I would write more, but I have go and eat my dinner while looking at it through a microscope. I'm sure you understand.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Movie review time

OK, so last night I went to see "Serenity". I'm pretty sure that there are no spoilers in this review so read on unabashed.

Serenity is a movie where the bad priest guy from Buffy the Angel Slayer has somehow got in charge of a spaceship in order to get away from Buffy. The bad guy from the X Files is also in it (not a very popular bad guy) and a girl who is kind of weird in the brain. Anyway! It is like Battlestar Galacticas without Lorne Green. At some point there were bad, scary men who I assume are very disenfranchised because it is the future. Also there was a black man who was a Very Good Actor.

One thing about this movie that annoyed me was that they seemed to have stolen a lot of ideas from "Firefly" off the TV. But don't let that distract you from the fighting.

Watch this movie if: you like bad vicars in space kicking off some excellent fights.
Avoid this movie if: you are no fan of "entertainment".

Serenity: a good movie!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New auction reveals team spirit (steam spirit)

Click the picture for a low cost, fun auction for smile times!

That is all for now.

Monday, October 10, 2005

New ways

In an attempt to compete with the top comics of the internet, such as Questionable Contents and Sam and Fuzzies, all my comics will now be drawn on Pergo with Sharpie.

The day the world changed!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The greatest TV show of all time


Bullseye was a gameshow where people played darts. It was hosted by old-school comedian Jim Bowen. For some reason, a half-hour gameshow on Sunday evening where people play darts is about the most sublime thing in the world. The human drama on the faces of the dart-throwers was so plangent, and it all happens so fast.

We lambast modern television for dumbing down, which as any fule no is nonsense. Bullseye is no intellectual work-out. But somehow, it delivers on every level. From the knuckle-gnawing interchanges between contestants and Mr Bowen to the delicious celebrity round (where underperforming stars would frequently reach into their own pocket to boost the £75 they had raised for charity), not a second is wasted.

I was excited to discover that Challenge TV shows Bullseye - not that I had ever wasted more than 3 consecutive seconds on that channel prior to making the discovery. In fact, the day I found this out, my spirits were at a very low ebb. It's strange to think that 30 minutes of 20-year old light entertainment can be the difference between walking tall and throwing yourself under the wheels of a passing ice cream van. But I digress.

Seen both as a game-show and historical artifact, Bullseye exposes the eighties as a long-abandoned country. Lady contestants (who are probably younger than me) contrive to at least double their ages with high waisted trousers and aspirationally tall hair. The men all work in ironmongery or concrete works! Contestants who appear to have attended university are skittish dart-nerds, yet to drink of the confidence-boosting wealth of the coming information economy.

If you have digital TV, don't hang around, don't wait. Per-second, nothing (and I do not say this lightly) beats a bit of Bully.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

T-shirt request workshop

Several readers (several, not the one I usually upgrade to "several" for the sake of these posts) have written to me asking for an actual "books rule" tshirt. Now, I have never said that anything "rules" out loud, outside of a strictly historical context. But this almost equates to a groundswell of support, so here goes:

Yes, that is a hamster and no, I don't know why. But it's a pretty good hamster.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Eagle revenge

Upon returning home from New York at 7am last wednesday, I should have been delighted to note that there had been no slug incursions in my absence, thereby proving my counter-measures to be wholly successful. If I'd really meant business, I would have coined a catchphrase, such as "slug free since 08/03". But alas, there had been an even more determined intruder than the pernicious garden slug.

When I forced my way past the pile of exciting mail (including: tax disc! Undelivered item notice! Pizza menu!) I witnessed a scene of devestation roughly equivalent to that following a middle-range earthquake. Pictures askew. Unexplained dirt everywhere (the kind that houses hide). Lampshade at a jaunty angle. This can only mean one thing, namely that a bird has flown down the chimney and commited acts of terror on my home.

Now, I don't know about you, but my first thought upon getting into trouble is not to defecate everywhere. That seems to me to be compounding the problem. Not so Mr Bird, who had spattered every available surface with yesterday's brunch. So now, when all my shaking body wanted to do was sleep, I had to try to find this miscreant in my home. The thought of going to sleep only to be awoken by talons raking my face (inevitable, I figured) did not appeal. After two hours of spirited effluvia removal, I gave up and collapsed.

(A note: OF COURSE I cleaned my house before I went away. So that burglars would not think the worst of me).

Later on, i found its sad little body behind a curtain in the spare room. I suppose a true blogger would have taken a photo of this, put it at the top of the post, and reminded us all of the pathos of life and death. Wheels within wheels. I just shoved the (thankfully cohesive) corpse into a shoebox and threw it in the bin. All the while, obviously, praying it would not come back to life in a damaged, screaming way. I don't mind admitting that I poked it with a stick a few times first.

Thank goodness for sticks. Thank goodness for shoeboxes! Thank goodness for Cif cream cleaner. Thank goodness.