Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well, the Lancaster Comics Festival proved an interesting event. The dismal weather I'm sure discouraged many people from attending and things were pretty sparse at times, but it was great to meet people who haven't been able to see me on my southern and international jaunts. It was a very promising first year though, I did far better than at the "super-professional" Brighton Comics Expo last November, an event that proved about as lucrative as taking your wallet and dropping it in a septic tank. And despite the mist, rain, goblins and fear, Lancaster seemed like a lovely place.

The exhibitions department is now closed until next spring, during which time I will polish the welcome wagon and practise my firmest and most reassuring handshakes on unwilling passers by.

The only real downside of the event was that my ultra-magical mini-SGR comics "To The Victor THE SPOILS", which I spent two hours folding and three hours drawing, seemed almost impossible to give away. People just don't want somethin' for nothin' - either that or they don't know what they're missin'!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh do calm down Placidus

That rather mean spirited post below has been top of the blogs here for ages - to my shame. I was busy with the business of turning 30 and could not post a more positive note with which to replace it. But now I am 30 and cool heads prevail. I did not go through with my plan to put myself into residential care and see out my salad days eating apple sauce, mostly because I was told that my arms would soon atrophy and I wouldn't be able to use a zimmer frame after two months! But I did eat some apple sauce (just to see what it's like).

I hope I will see some of the people who read these posts at the Lancaster Comics Festival. I will be driving there in my car, so if I don't make it, it is pretty certain that I accidentally drove into Morecambe Bay and drowned.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bugger Bognor

I am trying to work out what to put in some frames I bought today. Perhaps small paintings on a theme. Or pressed flowers in the shape of Len Pickering. I made the picture below but it is all wrong for my frames and my life.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I am back from Brooklyn

I am back from Brooklyn and dealing with matters that have arisen in my absence. The good news is that Sister Bernadette has not burned down the house, although it was slightly disconcerting to return to her many makeshift altars and "Jesus baskets". Still, it beats returning to a living room full of white rastas and ganja smoke.

The good news is that while I was away, I had 100 Good Ideas, and good ideas mean good things to come for you, the reader. Time off is time well spent!