Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I had to remove the bottom baring gnome from the previous post. What started as a whimsical nod towards modern social mores turned into a picture of a miniature geriatric exposing his haunches and nothing more. Woe is me.

The Irish Panda shirt is now available: thrill, thrill to the panda and his ways.

A short poem

"How I Will End Up Living Under A Bridge With Jeph Jacques"

Webcomic t-shirt economy
May you roll on in fine perpetuity
Though with crushing inevitability
You'll collapse, then:



guladana said...

i actually just screamed "holy shit look how cute that is!" when i saw the Irish panda. considering it is 730am & i'm barely awake that is a major accomplishment. well done sir. yet another thing to buy with my student aid check next week!

Unknown said...

John, you are a genius. As is Jeph Jacques. In fact as you are both my very favourite genii, I believe and firmly insist that you two team up and create a brand new weekly comic. Together. As a team. A very civil partnership.

John A said...

We teamed up the other day to have dinner? Will that do?

radioguitar said...

You are a slippery devil, and clearly my dreams will never come true.