Monday, August 27, 2007

Mango Mungo


Proving that times have changed and etc, in the University shopping precinct on Oxford Road, there is an outfit offering the full range of waxing services. Now I believe that a person should be allowed to wax whatever they fancy, but I am really not sure about the arm wax. I have never looked at a lady's arm and thought "strong peasant blood!" I'm sure there are a few perma-sleeved werewolf arms out there, but the fact that arm waxing consumes one third of this shop's (wide) frontage really concerns me.

Has daylight been shone in upon magic? Am I naïve? Or has an entirely new neurosis been unleashed upon the lady populace?

Tomorrow: chest waxing - a treatise.


Elizabeth said...

Unfortunately, when I was in high school I heard two boys disparaging a girls 'hairy' arms. I knew the girl in question and there was no way anyone would consider her hairy. If I wasn't 15 and shy I would have smacked them upside the head.

WFHIT? said...

The more that the general populace of women conform to arbitrary prejudices, the more arbitrary prejudices need to be invented to maintain any sense of attraction hierarchy.

I'm pretty sure that would be a sweet superhero though. 'Wax Woman! GASP at her body, devoid of the slightest hair! GAWP as she becomes slightly more aerodynamic! SHUDDER as she fearlessly tears follicles from various bits of skin!'

But anyway.

crake said...

You irresponsible web artiste. Hundreds of arm-fur fancying young ladies perish every year due to savage velcro related incidents. Shame on you for promoting this reckless alternative lifestyle choice. Shame.

Eatsruns said...

Where are the hairy-armed women in SGR then?

I was going to go on a total feminist rant there, but I wasn't sure I could make it ranty enough that you'd know I was joking. Well, mostly joking!

Rose Bailey said...

I saw this waxing sign in my neighborhood.