Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dicing with death

Yesterday while washing up I accidentally chipped a mug, then proceeded to lacerate myself between my ring finger and little finger with it. Well, I must say, I haven't seen that much blood for a while. It was a bit like "Re-Animator". I wounded my drawing hand, so I suppose it was lucky that I didn't slice myself up nearer the business end. I don't think I will be doing anything very rugged for a week or two!

All Tomorrow's Parties was a magical fun-fest of colossal proportions. I have compiled the following list of micro-reviews for your edification.

YO LA TENGO - why am I standing in a food court 6/10
NOTWIST - refugees from the low countries, possibly IT consultants 7/10
SPARKLEHORSE - nothing a nice gargle wouldn't fix 5/10
TALL FIRS - plainly not on a mission to excite 5/10
DEATH VESSEL - floundering minus his old timey banjo revue. "Is it a boy or a girl" cry harks back to the 1960s 4/10
AKRON/FAMILY - community project of percussion fails to connect 5/10

GO! TEAM - any fule no I like the Go! Team 9/10
LES SAVY FAV - 200 costume changes! 8/10
WILCO - why am I standing in a food court part 2 6/10
APPLES IN STEREO - some of these men are wizards 9/10

SLINT - alas I am making some macaroni at this point ?/10
MICAH P. HINSON - nothing a nice gargle wouldn't fix 7/10
BAT FOR LASHES - were playing crazy golf directly in front of me this morning 7.5/10
BAND OF HORSES - best band of the weekend 9.5/10
MODEST MOUSE - v.good but Johnny Marr is not going to be in the band for very long because he obviously wants to be in charge 8/10
CAPRICORNS - I had to play darts on my mobile phone to take my mind off this mess 1/10
GRIZZLY BEAR - hippies 6.5/10
DO MAKE SAY THINK - I have never been more tired zzz/10

So well done everybody, well played etc!


Matt said...

You missed Slint, out of all those bands! You mock my childhood! Mock it!

Roman said...

Why were you standing in a food court?

John A said...

I was busy with my macaroni, Matt! Much respect to Pajo and his Slints!!!

Roman: that's exactly what I asked.

Abbey said...

I'm jealous that you got to see Apples in Stereo! New Magnetic Wonder has been keeping me happy at my boring summer job (my job title says "Fire Ranger Class II" but I really just move boxes from one spot to another spot while wearing coveralls that say "Manitoba Firefighter".).

Citizen Meh said...

Having seen Modest Mouse yesterday, your comment about Johnny Marr brought a grin to my face. So true!

just cheez said...

'Johnny Marr is a megalomaniac' would make a good, slanderous t-shirt. wait, does it become libel if you say something like that in print?

polianitsa said...

What I like best is how your micro-reviews sort of resemble clues to a cryptic crossword puzzle. I predict that in 500 years these micro-reviews will reappear in a bestselling thriller, The John Allison Code.

John A said...

Anik, I just read them back, and you're not wrong!

Just Cheez: "s"lander is "s"poken! That's how you remember which is which.

Abbey, please do try to remember that those boxes contain fire and are therefore very important.

steve57 said...

Ha! Yo La Tengo blew my tiny mind, I felt it almost a affront for Ira to remind me I was surrounded by tacky food concession stands...

Capricorns played my favourite set of the weekend, though admittedly as the only un-iPodded member of my chalet I was practically gasping for some M.E.T.A.L. by that point.

A good time had by all.

tobiwan said...

yay molesworth reference!

Dani Lurie said...

do the whirlwind!

Gavin said...

I just went to the Manchizzle blog and I found him bigging you up and linking to this post on ATP. And then I notice that he was referred to you by Kate Taylor of sheshark fame.

It seems I know everyone on this here intanett. Go me!

apart from that, I ain't seen you in ages, it would be good to catch up IRL.

Gavin 'Lord of the Neemo' MacDonald