Monday, March 12, 2007

Who's got the looks, who's got the brains, who's got everything?

I have revised the cover for SGR book 5 (now tantalisingly close to going to the printers), as having lived with the previous one for a few months I realised it was a nice idea but not up to much. Here's the new one! The back cover will have some kind of fancy decoration too but I don't know what yet.

It's still subject to tweaks as my mind doesn't work very well in the late evening, but it certainly seems books-ish.


Rachel said...

I got this pain in my heart, that's all. I think it comes from not having any of your ever-increasingly pretty books John. It is lovely. I pledge to buy it once I get a job that pays money and not just goodwill.

p.s. my sister was at the same Long Blondes gig as you t'other week. I was muchly jealous - I don't spose you were at the Ben Folds one at the Apollo recently?

Patches said...

Thats the ticket, man. Nice Creatures hoodie on Esther too!

Ryan Sprinkle said...

im digging this new cover, gotta love the devil bears. The boy looks particularly awesome, but something seems off about esther, but I can't put my finger on it.

I keep putting off buying all the scarygoround books hoping the dollar will get stronger, or the pound weaker, but that plan has failed and just made things more expensive. I think this time I'll get them while the getting is still not good, but better than it will be a few months from now.

Sparkles F said...

The title fits well. I like it very much. I think Esther looks very irritated. Also, it's her feet that are "off".

Citizen Meh said...

I shall be there on Saturday to buy shiny trinkets and suchlike from the cruel and whimsical ringmaster of ScaryGoRound. I also espied a gentleman at an Eagles of Death Metal show clad in a John Allison-brand T-shirt, which indicates to me that you are slowly but surely taking over the world, or the part of it that contains the Astoria at least.

John A said...

Rachel: I wasn't at the Ben Folds gig but I saw two of his gigs in the mid 90s with the Ben Folds Five that were amongt the best I've been to.

Sparkles: that was a placeholder foot (plainly at a very funny angle indeed) which has now been replaced by a proper foot.

Ryan: your country's vast debt underpins the weakness of your currency. Perhaps you could send Bono and Bob Geldof to China to ask them to cancel US debt!

Cat said...

Dear Mr. John Allison,

I have been reading your comic for a very long time and I want you to know that it is a good comic filled with much joy! I do not do comics like you do (the extent of my webcomic fame only extends to being mentioned in a few news posts over at Genrezvous Point) but I have great appreciation for your talent and the like.

I do like your books, and hope to buy many of them if I go to Comic Con this summer!

Keep up the good work!