Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Despite wounds, I continue

I think I'm getting old, or just incredibly fragile. I can't lift my right arm above the, let's be honest here, Hitler salute position, without suffering a pain (like touching a freshly grazed knee) in my tendon. I hate the Fuhrer and his ways so there is no need to punish me for accidentally saluting him.

But despite all that, I have made some little prints for the UK Web Comix Thing. They're in runs of ten and any left over will be available on my return from the capital. The first one is my riposte to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" entitled "Bats Get In Your Hair". The second is of course entitled "The Day The World Changed".

My only concern is that they might be displaying 'tood - which I will of course be forced to eliminate prior to turning on the printer.


Roman said...


Laura said...

Loving the Erin one! Hope you have one left over

Graham said...

John, these just make me nostalgic for SGR's Illustrator days. Will you ever again embrace this software to produce the main comic? Can you offer any small crumbs of hope? Either way, I'm glad you're 'keeping your hand in'.

John A said...

Hermit, no way could I draw the comic like i draw these. No chance of a return to drawing like that.

These were drawn in pencil by hand then traced in Illustrator, they take a long time to get right. I love the results but I can't apply them to the comic - I did some experiments late last year and it was wholly unworkable to do that on a daily basis.

John A said...

Ali I refuse to take your money. I have one of each spare that aren't for sale, one that I accidentally spat on a tiny bit, and one where I slipped with the scalpel trimming it and had to do a really tight border. Just remind me at the end of the day an dyou can have them.

It's not much spit, seriously. AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU KNOW ME?

Graham said...

For clarification, I was enquiring about the possibility of a return to the vectors of old rather than the possibility of drawing comics like these prints of Esther and Erin. I appreciate that there is a difference. Are you really ruling out vectors altogether? I take it that your hand-drawn efficiency has improved given that when you first made the switch you were lamenting the time that it took to produce (and especially colour) a daily strip.

Of course, I respect your artistic choices. You can only produce a good strip in an environment you're comfortable in. I just liked the clean and sharp look of the old strips, that's all.

fingle said...


Oh, hell yes!

Josh P.M. said...

I have to say I would have loved to be at the Thing to shake your hand and buy a print, unfortunately due to the freedom eagle demanding more than I've got just to make it to a city which would eat the rest of my funds like a tiny sausage roll, I cannot. My compliments though, and a good 'con to you!

I would also like to add at this juncture, that I 1) am thoroughly enjoying the hand-drawn art, and while I am always in awe of your skilly with illustrator I think I prefer the personal touch and detail you acheive with pens and inks; and 2) The current story line is one of your most compelling in my opinion. Many of your pieces I have found entertainingly whimsical, fun to read and exciting, but this one in particular is suspensful, and I find myself more drawn to the comic than ever!

thank you!

Steve Rogers said...

John - I'm pleased to be at one of your stories from the very start at last. It seems to be off to a flyer - I shall be following the saga with interest. Plus, of course, the vectors/no vectors debate. You gotta keep your public sweet...

Mizufae said...

the dirty knees are definitely the best part.
If you are feeling down about yourself in any way you should look at these and then compare them to any Bobbins strip ever made. You give me hope that mediocrity can transmute into brilliance with the simple application of time and practice! Although, really, the writing has always been top-notch. Blast, my point is ruined. okay rephrase: YOU DRAW REAL GOOD NOW DON'T STOP.

I kinda wish you would draw some of your male characters in this almost Arnold Newman portraiture way. They wouldn't sell but i'd freak out with glee for even a sketchy Tim+teapot.

Dani said...

I should probably let you know that I'll be gathering all my pennies with the aim of spending mucho denero (or a few quid, at least) at your table at the Comix Thing.

SGR prints...awesome.

Please, please bring along some girl tshirts if you can!


- Dani
But, Our Empire! (table 52)

John A said...

Badger: drop me an email for some realtime communications, friend.

Dani: no tshirts at UK shows I'm afraid. They reside overseas!

Oliver Brackenbury said...

What will you be selling, good sir?
I'd love to save paying shipping on a few volumes.


and support you!

I would like to support you.

John Claude said...

Hopefully I'll notice if you have any left over. I bought the last set of mini prints.

Is there ANY way those of us mail ordering can get some of your badges/buttons? I'd kill for a set but there's no way I'm popping over the pond just for some pins. Couldn't you package them in with another order?

John A said...

Oliver: I've listed all the bits and pieces I'll have with me on the Scary Go Round front page. I may only have 7 or 8 each of books 3 & 4 so drop by early if you want them.

John Claude: buttons are something I just make for fun as I have a button maker, I don't think they'll show up in the store. I'd have to run off a lot more and I don't have the time.

John Claude said...
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John Claude said...

I have an idea. Any chance you could make the sheet with the images for badges available? I have lots of friends with button makers and I'm sure I could convince one of them to make me a set given the appro images. Perhaps we could just download an image file of them and then print it out?