Monday, March 19, 2007

A giant hat covered with gems has been ordered

The Webcomix Thing in London was a total super great success. Obviously it was not a 100% success, as most conversations I had with people after 3pm in the afternoon were very abstract. I think I offended a whole table full of Brighton's most gifted cartoonists just by trying to tell them, unprompted, about the few facts I could scrape together from my by-now-ravaged brain. By God I dug myself in deep there. Note to self: avoid the south for some months.

I think I also upset a poor lad who thrust a tape recorder under my nose and wanted "to ask [me] a few questions". When I asked him to come back at a slightly quieter time, he wheeled away as if shot. Sorry, tape recorder man, no offence intended.

Having now made amends to people who have scratched my name deep into their hating books and enemy lists, I'd like to thank everyone who came to see me. It was the busiest I have ever been at any show, at home or abroad. I wish I could have talked to people for longer, and spent a bit longer with folks who'd come a long way. My neighbours on one side were Nude Magazine, a design-led publication that seems just right for most eyes, and on the other side Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier, who I think may be some of the most talented and best people in the world!

In the evening it was a pleasure and an honour to make sport with Weebl, Madsen, Dr McNinja, Ali, and the hidden man of UK comics, Kelly Hernandez. Good men, and thorough.

Note: I do have quite a few of the limited prints I did left, and I'll put them up for sale later in the week once I've caught up with making comics. They'll go on sale at 12pm GMT, giving almost everyone a fair crack of the whip I hope.


Roman said...

Way to go. Never talk to the media.

Leon Watkins said...

A good time was had by all. (I think) (except some really obnoxious oik who made some black hearted remark about "the babysitters club").

Cheers for the merch! And the sketch of Hugo! Good to have make slightly rabid contact at last.

There was a heck of a lot of talent there, it was ace.

And talking of Brighton, did you chat to the chatty brigtonian photographer? I had an intresting conversation about wooden toys with her.

John A said...

I wish I had got the chance to meet her! I heard there were good things going on there. I did my best but probably only got the chance to 10 or so of the tables.

Drew the Falconeer said...

12pm gmt of which day?!

John A said...

I don't know which day yet!

Martin said...

Crap! Ali and Weebl were there?

I met you though. Shook your hand and bought badges. Dave digs his new Dave badge.


Anonymous said...

Mr tape recorder kid asked me some entirely useless questions that amounted to 'so.. you draw a comic then'. So I don't think you missed out on the interview of the centuary there..

Dani said...

Was super to meet you!

It was my first comix convention (as an exhibiter and even a consumer) and I thought it was a good day.

I was the girl who sheepishly asked to have a photo with you. You didn't want to look at it at the time because you seemed to have been worried about the state of your hair, but here the photo is anyway:
(Courteously hidden beneath a link, y'know, just in case the hair-neuroses are still lingering.)

John A said...

Thanks Dani, I am always paranoid about how terrible I must look after 6 hours sitting in a hot room, making my own gravy.