Sunday, July 17, 2005

She has a dark quality

Painted this afternoon, acrylic on canvas, 18"x12".

Painting has a soothing way with me now, after the early disasters (they are in the bin). Unfortunately there are only about 4 months of the year that feature days where I can paint out of doors, so who knows if this will be a summer fling?


Come Back Brighter said...

Summer fling or not, I curse you for creating these characters I think I love.

Tom Meade said...

Very pretty. Painting in my own time would free me from being yelled at by my art teacher. A cunning ploy.

Josh said...

If only writing were an outdoor pursuit. Alas, frere desktop computer and the Outdoors are not meant to be friends.

Sneavas said...

I like it very much.
It both fills me with consumerist urges (not that I even know if you are planning to sell it, nor could I afford it if you were - stupid student lifestyle) and a strong desire to pull out my own paints.

Variform Guises said...

i would buy this !! hahaa.