Thursday, July 07, 2005


What a great, great day.

Oh, no wait. What I did there was say the exact opposite of the truth.


Roman said...

Humor is a very powerful weapon in times like these. Glad you can still laugh, John.

Teresa Bowman said...

The horribleness of current events aside, I feel I ought to say that these brushwork works are just getting better and better. This one has a lovely smooth look to it. Smooooooooooooooth.

Very sad and sweet and dignified words too. Well done Mr A.

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Well, I know I'm not saying anything new or insightful, but I just want to express my sympathies. I'm in Ohio and I just wanted to chime in I guess. It may be the other side of the world, but it's downright awful this sort of madness keeps happening. Glad you're okay Mr Allison, and my sympathies to everyone effected by this.