Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A poem for wednesday

2003 and all that

Do you remember
Way back in ought-three
We were all a little younger

It was the year that
Everyone lost it
And pretended
That "In An Aeroplane
Over The Sea"
Was the greatest record
Ever released*

We got carried away with
our thoughts and our feelings
Decided the Wrens
Were better than the Beatles*

It was a time to be young,
To be sad
To read Pitchfork

What happened to those days?


* It was pretty good but we had gone crazy
* The Wrens are pretty good but they probably aren't as good as the Beatles


Reverend Sam said...

That was a pretty realistic rendering of 2003. Amazing.

Red_Dog said...

As I get older, I find nostalgia isn't what it used to be...

Josh said...

I can't remember 2003 at all. I was only 21.

Teresa Bowman said...

Ah 2003, now that was a year.

Mind you, so were 1836, 1942 and 1274. All years, all of them.

Damo said...

1983, that was the year son.

Adam said...

I've always been partial to 1998, but I suppose it works just the same.

Nate said...

'98 was a good year for sure. It's listed in my yearly top 10 lists as "quite possibly the best year ever". I can't really complain about 2003 either, though. It is good to go a little crazy at times.

Corwin said...

'94 could kick '98's ass any day

Andrew Dunn said...

1994 is less aesthetically pleasing than such years as 1997.

Rev. Jakob Koshkat said...

Man... I think nostalgia's striking hard on everyone. I recently made a post about it... unfortunately, it's in Spanish.

As much as this might sound silly... um... I can't help but imagine Scary Go Round happening in the 80's. Little or nothing we know about the childhood of your characters...

... And what on Earth happenned to Tessa and Rachel??

Andrew Dunn said...

Possession. Then disappearancesity.

Pallas Athene said...

That poem reminded me of Phillip Larkin and EJ Thribb. Very nice work.

AM said...

nice blog!! Just bookmarked it!

keep it up!

Enza said...

nice blog !