Monday, March 14, 2011

For Your Consideration

Here is a seaside special selection of sketches I drew this weekend as a thank you to those who voted for me in the Eagle Awards. It was very sweet of you, my readers are the best!

Here I am pretending to be a great caricaturist and editorial cartoonist. Sadly there are no actual likenesses in the image below. But imagine if any of this was real. IMAGINE!

It's cold underwater. Keep your fish warm with a "fish balaclava"! They love it.

I don't think Daisy is paying proper attention in this candid image. Note: Esther is withdrawing £30, enough for a pretty fun weekend in studentland.

Who is Steve Shields and why do his guitar stylings conjure images of a strange, inadequate Batwoman?

Finally, for KC Green, some BOMERS!


Wendy Roby said...

If Esther goes out with the sort of prannet who wears jumbo-knit beanies and noodles on a mini-amp - IN RUDDY PUBLIC - in Giant Days 2, I will FREAK.


Unknown said...

I will see where it goes and enjoy the hell out of it as I alwasy do.

.M. said...

The first sketch is awesome, John. Wow, man!

Unknown said...

So you won, right?

How large is your trophy??

John A said...

Sadly I did not make the shortlist in any category of these, the UK's premier comics awards. A stranger in my own land!

Hex said...