Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Special presentation: The Mentalist

I love The Mentalist. It's a program about a wizard, I think? Here's a special episode, just for you.

I apologise that there is a lack of some of the secondary characters in this comic but maybe I will do another one showcasing Van Pelt and that if you're really lucky.


Unknown said...

MORE PLEASE. Agent Kimball Cho is badly missing.

Alex Greene said...

hehehe Patrick Jane's an ex-carnie, sideshow fake psychic whose wife and kid got murdered by the show's Big Bad, the enigmatic Red John; and after a stint of rehab and treatment, he became a consultant for this Fed team we have never heard of. So a kind of private consulting detective, who hypnotises people (yet he never hypnotises van Pelt and Lisbon to have a passionate clinch together in the showers for some reason ...)

Basically the Three Stooges, van Pelt, Cho and Rigsby, are filler between the announcement of this week's murder, Jane causing a crapstorm in Act 2 by aggravating the most psychotic and aggressive suspect or breaking due process regs by hypnotising half of California, and the final reveal where they all use guile and trickery to get the killer to jump up and confess.

I keep expecting the bad guy to have his rubber mask pulled off and saying something like "An' I would gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you pesky, uh ... grown ups!"

Unknown said...

That Mentalist guy is English, as English as Hugh Laurie! I don't know why you all over there don't take better care of your Handsome Actors.

lesles said...

actually, simon baker is taswegian, not english. that's where he gets the special powers he uses in the show. the rest of the show is pretend, but all his stuff is real. all taswegians have those powers - they use them to hunt bettongs, bandicoots, and thylacines.

Unknown said...

Oh, no wonder then that Hugh Laurie does a more convincing "American".