Sunday, February 21, 2010

Annotated Weekender 1st Birthday

Yesterday I attended a party for the first birthday of Joe List's Annotated Weekender, the blog that draws all over the Guardian Weekend magazine! It's one of my favourite websites and I was delighted to be able to attend this select gathering.

Here are a few of my favourite drawings I did, I've put up all 22 on my Flickr with explanations if you like these.

Young REM, meet old REM:

Syd we need you man, Meddle is boring:

Self explanatory:

Blowhards 1: Moore

Blowhards 2: Coulter

Sooner or later Bob, Columbo is going to find out:


Roman said...

I think "Young R.E.M., meet old R.E.M." is brilliant.

K said...

Fabulous! (How have I not heard of this blog before, I wonder?)

Sarah said...

I really like "This is MY town". I can just see him looming over the hills above Ashton.