Friday, February 19, 2010

uStream Friday!

I'm drawing live on uStream right now (Friday afternoon GMT)! Come see me scrawl, hear some eclectic jams from the sonic underground.


After I was done with the comic I took quick sketch requests and people wanted me to draw the old SGR characters as kids, so I did them! These are in the order they were requested. (Sadly the images of goblin birth and Len at Wigan Casino in his vest were accidentally saved over).


Kent said...

Young Natalie!
Handsome Lem!

What hath science wrought?

So glad I got to watch this!

K said...

Nice kiddy drawings! Ryan is perfect. Shelby and her fringe, big jumper and hi-top trainers evoke a shiver of nostalgia for my own late-80s/early-90s girlhood.

But! The little Wendigo! Does it lull you by being cute before it eats you?

Richard said...

A couple of these look very Beaton-esque -- especially Moon and Sarah -- but for all I know she's the one taking after you! Either way it's no bad thing, because you and she are the greatest of all, and any way the two of you influence one another just means more greatness in the world.

Aaron said...

These are the best!

JonathanCR said...

Moon made me laugh! But Tim made me happy.

Daniel said...

Agree with RAB: Young Moon totally reminds me of the pony; also, young Ryan made me think of the teenagers. Baby Erin is cute!

I read SGR from beginning to end, but I don't remember Shelby. Is she from Bobbins?

Thanks for sharing!

The Kitten Temp said...

To Daniel: Actually, Shelby is from quite a recent SGR storyline, when Shelley goes to Christmas Island. They are both journalists with very similar names and there was some confusion about which was which.