Thursday, December 17, 2009

Painting practice

I foolishly agreed to participate in a charity auction this evening, I can tell it was a mistake because they spelled my name wrong on the poster (they clearly expected another, more talented John), but it is a very good cause and ought to be fun once I finish panicking. Anyway, I did some picture practice so that I would be ready to draw big tonight, I never draw big!

"6 idiots"

"The Casual 3"

Sharpie and Posca markers on cardboard.


Anonymous said...

I like how there's a little crease on the right center guy that kinda makes a mouth for him.

Steve said...

"*Is* there a more talented John"?

Richard Brown said...

These are WONDERFUL and I would buy them ALL if I weren't living in Korea and if they weren't painted on cardboard. But still... WONDERFUL.