Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 album chart of the year part 3

12 POPULAR SONGS - Yo La Tengo

"Avalon Or Someone Very Similar"

"Nothing To Hide"

11 SUPER SCIENCE FICTION - Seal Club Clubbing Club

"Dawn Lamb"

I think this might be an out-take from "The O Zone" with Jayne Middlemiss &etc

10 WILCO (THE ALBUM) - Wilco

"Bull Black Nova"

"Wilco The Song"

9 REAL ESTATE - Real Estate

"Fake Blues"

"Pool Swimmers"

This reminds me of Flying Nun Records, the first Shins album and Chronic Town by REM, this could be a truly great band one day.



The structure depicted on the Real Estate structure is an arcology taken from the designs of Paolo Soleri; that looks like a model built from one of the designs in his enormous book _The City in the Image of Man_, which utterly hypnotized my undergraduate brain around '97.


...on the Real Estate _album cover_. Ahem.

sjoerdwiemer said...


I am not really into this begging stuff, but could you please please please continue this series next year? If I can't leech off your excellent taste in music, who do I turn to refresh my music library? Who? Alternatively, perhaps Dr Ladysounds could try to find employ at the headquarters of Q?

Don't forsake us in these dark and troubled times,

Roman said...

Real Estate sounds like a great recommendation. I'll most likely check them out on emusic.