Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 album chart of the year part 1

20 BLUE ROSES - Blue Roses

"I Am Leaving"

19 THE WHIP - Wye Oak

"Mary Is Mary" (Live)

None of the videos for Wye Oak are very good, apparently no singles have been "lifted" from this album. But in a year of over-rated, undercooked indie follow-ups (I was underwhelmed by Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors' 2009 efforts), I played this one over and over again.

18 - EM ARE I - Jeffrey Lewis And The Junkyard

"To Be Objectified"


"Earth: The Story So Far"

"Let There Be Music"

This is a beautiful record and to say that these are demos made on a computer from 1987, I think there is something movingly brittle about them.


Unknown said...

I grew up with Jeffrey Lewis! His middle name really is Lightning.

Jon said...

I'm just glad there's at least one other human on this earth who was not a fan of that damn-ass Dirty Projectors album!

John A said...

It wasn't terrible, it was just flat, flat as a pancake. I thought their last one was a world beater of sounds.

Rod McBan said...

I thought that too at first. I miss the weird sounds and craziness of Rise Above but this one compensates by having strong songs that play to boring people who like to pretend to be interesting. Anyway I like it but it's not super-brilliant or anything.