Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The king's shilling

I was quite pleased with this banner for the Scary Go Round archive (that tells you, the blog reader, nothing you did not already know).

I very rarely drew the Winters sisters together. I could do a much better Erin now.


Virtualbri said...

Awww, I miss Erin.

sleek said...

...so...obviously the spinoff will be about Quagmire...I mean, the public loves Quagmire.

What? Cleaveland?


Oh, dear.

Or: "Yes. I intend to kill off Holmes. It's all part of my master plan! He will be gone, and in 100 years all people will know of me is my SERIOUS work!"

Or: "Here lies John Allison, victim of terminal fretting. Creator of Erin Winters.

Also: Some other things +son, husband, father...but hey, Erin Winters!. "

BTW, your loathing for Erin is showing in that drawing!

John A said...

I have no idea what you are talking about but you seem to be having a good time!

ingratiated said...

that doesn't look like the meek erin winters I recall!
or the amazonian erin winters I also recall.
or the crazy erin winters I lastly recall.

She wore makeup? She wore her hair down? Whatever, John Allison.

Dharmabum said...

I miss Erin, and it might be worth it doing something quite bad just to get into hell and visit her again. I like cranky Erin in this drawing, but do not recall her like this, either. Perhaps this was a surprise, behind the scenes look, at the Winter sisters!

John A said...

Isn't it strange that people don't recognise Erin as she is drawn in this comic. She seems different! Why would that be? The world is confusing.

Scary Go Round book 8 is still on the cards, i really want to have it in my hands by March.

Unknown said...

Today's comic is brilliant. To the best comician in the webiverse, Long live Bad Machinery (I'd raise a glass in your honor right now, but it seems as though my employers frown upon drinking in the workplace nearly as much as comic reading).

AM said...

i am really starting to fall in love with the new comic. all of the characters have begun to endear themselves to me, and i'm very excited to see where their stories are going. also, you briefly mentioned tampa bay, my hometown. i got pretty excited about that.

i hope that you are able to continue to support yourself by writing what you want to write. your work is brilliant.