Friday, October 02, 2009

The return trip from America was a nightmarish hell-voyage. The plane got halfway to England, the navigation computer broke... so the pilot flew back! I am sure that this is because of regulations but my goodness, the extra ten hours that I had to sit on the plane seem to have done for me. I am a broken man too tough to cry, feverish, hocking up grey goo (grey!) and weeping over my lot. I wouldn't mind but I'm up before one of our beloved NHS death panels on Thursday and I fear they may pull the plug.

With the exception of my aerial grief, my trip to the USA was a 100% copper-bottomed success! I took in the fried delights of the Big E agricultural show, traveled to the Center For Cartoon Studies in Vermont (my first time in this beautiful state) and met some admirable young strivers. "Our" Stevens and Dr Meggles took good care of me and kept me out of mischief.

And what a fiesta SPX was! Many old allies were there, like Kate Beaton and Jeph Jacques marshalling long lines of fans with hearts a-flutter. And for the first time I got to meet the likes of:

Danielle Corsetto: the intensely personable Girls With Slingshots artist travels everywhere with a giant cactus that is her friend, she is the best at drawing without exception

Dustin Harbin: Dustin is a southern gentleman with deeply skilled comic stylings that you should definitely get into, he is the best at drawing without exception

Scott Campbell: Scott has been a firm favourite of mine for a considerable time with his fine watercolours and comics, he is the best at drawing without exception

Aaron Diaz: Shelley's favourite comic is Dresden Codak with good reason! Also Aaron is an expert at scripture. He is the best at drawing without exception

Anthony Clark: the Nedroid-creating auteur and bon viveur held everyone rapt with his gifts, he is the best at drawing without exception

Evan Dahm: Riceboy was new to me but I am lapping it up, reading it all with my seeing eyes, he is the best at drawing without exception

John Campbell: I wish I had been able to speak with John for longer, he is the iron horse of minimalist comicking and, I must say, he is the best at drawing without exception

and Jess Fink: with her time travel deal and of course Chester the sexual robot fellow, Jess is an expert at design and the best at drawing... without exception

I met many other talented characters so I will endeavour to list them at a later date. I wish I could do more comics shows in the US, curse my fragile constitution! Goodbye America until next time.


Unknown said...

Lots of sympathy for your terrible plane trip back home! If it makes you feel any better, it was awesome to see you at SPX -- I'm sure everyone else who was there will agree. Please don't stop visiting the States because of the plane thing.

JonathanCR said...

I suppose that without their navigation equipment, the pilots weren't sure they'd be able to find England, since it's quite small - but America is very big so they really had only to point roughly west and keep going. That would explain it.

I greatly sympathise with your travel woes. I once had a 12-hour stopover in Mumbai airport on my way to Singapore. I still mentally divide my life into the periods before, during, and after that journey.

Unknown said...

So, what you're saying is, these people are all unexceptional at drawing?

John A said...

You have missed the point.