Friday, October 16, 2009

Garment corner

I haven't made many tshirts this year. I have drawn a lot of rough designs (probably near to 100) but never really been able to work any of them up to my satisfaction. It's partly an issue of time - I have been busier this year than ever before but not in any kind of profitable way! Mostly I was making up fake comics... oh, and the new one! Yes that is what I was doing (I couldn't remember why I was so busy)

It's important that I make a few new shirts, a hoodie and a print for Christmas though and you fellows have to stay on my back or I will face yuletide ruin. Feel free to make demands of designs I have proffered through the year and not followed through on.

Here's one I found among the wreckage of my unchecked creativity. It is very rough but I can sort of see what I was going for...

...sales in the low tens, presumably. I like it though!


Meredith said...

simon the sentient chimney, please!

Hilary said...

Perhaps with a frightened visage to accompany the words?

I would cry tears of joy if a SGR group photo style tshirt a la this were to be made available.

Also, I second Simon the Sentient Chimney, although Anatomy of a Wasp is possibly the eighth wonder of the tshirt world.

Second also, I quite like the "I'm not home you can burgle my house" one. And the "I am a sensitive intellectual" one because there are too many of them gadding about unidentified.

Third also, I think Dr. Ladysounds should get her own shirt. Because she is a classy lady.

Also number four, I adore my Jimmy Buffet mystery clearance tshirt... I firmly believe that it makes me 10% sexier. So thanks for the sexy.

John A said...


Simon The Sentient Chimney has already consumed too much of my time, it is not good, not a good design AT ALL no matter how long I spend ornately rendering chimneys. It was a nice doodle though and perhaps that is how it should stay.

I Done A Murder has the stink of "people like the idea but no one would actually wear it" about it. Anatomy Of A Wasp deserves attention. Almost no one buys shirts with characters on them alas.

Unknown said...

I desperately desire an "it's not OCD if it's Dewey decimal' shirt!

John A said...

Oh dear, Dr Dewey Decimal has been both on and then off sale again! He had his run!

I am going to have a go at "sensitive intellectual" for Hilary next. And maybe "I'm not at home you can burgle my house" although I don't know how to graphically depict that.

Sparkles F said...

I think the bat idea is fantastic! It would appeal to those of us who are goth at heart if not in normal apparel.