Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I waited and waited and waited then stuck a pencil in my eye and felt better

I recently managed to score a second-hand Wacom Cintiq from a school at a "knock down price", and tests are ongoing indoors as to what I will use this fancy tablet-monitor witchcraft for. When I want to try something new out, I like to stick my finger randomly within the pages of Looks, Brains and Everything and re-draw the page at hand. So here's what I produced this time:

It was actually some of the bonus pages I drew to fill in the plot holes, so I can't offer you the original in the archive, but I have a feeling that seasoned blog readers already own this book.

Because the Cintiq screen is skiddy glass, it forces you to commit to more long strokes than I would normally make. But there you go, kind of a bonus comic for today!


Jaden said...

Wow - cool that you scored a Wacom Cintiq at a great deal! Are there any more? ;-)

As for the skiddy glass, and long strokes, I know the SmudgeGuard glove does a good job at keeping the long lines smooth. You can google SmudgeGuard if you're interested.

Anyways, have fun with your cintiq!

Graham said...

So is this the future as far as the daily strip is concerned? I'm guessing that you didn't invest in a Cintiq without planning to make good use of it, but then you've only just invested in a large format scanner. The cintiq must be significantly quicker though? The results look great, especially for an early effort.

John A said...

I don't intend drawing the daily strip with this - it's more for freelance, side projects etc, or I might just sell it again if I don't get much use out of it.

Mizufae said...

Well, looksy here, I just happen to have my handydandy signed and be-space-owled LB&E book right here. My side by side comparison?
Tableted version pros:
Detail! She doesn't appear to be washing giant eggs! Facial expressions five hundred percent improved and stronger! Depth and interesting angels in the backgrounds! More natural colors!
Original vectorated version pros:
Her hair is SO FLIPPY. <3 <3 <3

original version wins. (flippy hair or die!)

Kitty Jimjams said...

ooh Cintiq NOICE.