Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dream symbols

My brain is slipping fast into Comic-con mode. I know this because last night I had a dream that me and my Dumbrella friends were on our way there, and as we travelled, we all admired Jeff Rowland's new hairdo. He claimed it was his "con hair" and part of his "game face". You may be surprised to hear that he had gone out and got a super-tight perm and then a flat-top on top. Jeff looked extremely fresh.


PY said...

Intense! That sounds both amazing and rather terrifying.

fingle said...

John, what are the rough details of your trip to San Diego? My family and I will be attending on Friday, driving down from Orange County about ninety minutes to the north, and I'm curious to know if you are going to be at loose ends for a meal on Friday, or if you'll even have time to leave the Convention Center at any point! We'll stop by the booth and fling money at you, of course!

- Pat Hough