Sunday, July 15, 2007

Banjax'd with a Fender Strat

I can't believe it's July! The year is hurtling past with what can only be described as unprecedented fury. It hasn't really been a fun year, as I have dedicated almost every spare moment to fierce labour. While others have been dancing in the streets, high on life, I have been locked away, pale and gremlin-like.

"But John," you say, "what have you been up to? We see no evidence of back-breaking toil!" Well, in addition to attempting to entertain you with my daily yarns and that, I have been drawing another small book in the vein of Girlspy and Scare-o-deleria. A standalone tome featuring 32 pages of larks and japes (ie, story), and about another 8 pages of "fun" (exact nature of "fun" yet to be determined).

I made it to page 26 before Comic-con madness meant I had to get ahead on other things, but on my return I will lay down the rest and rush it to the printer for an early September release.

If I sell more than a thousand out of the traps, I will do another stand-alone thing. It will be a deal between us. If no one cares about this laboured-over spectre-centric tome, I will start ENJOYING MY LIFE (also WINKING AT GIRLS and GETTING UP LATE).

Money raised from this book will go towards my continued attempts to escape Chadderton. Thank you for your interest!

Anyway, here's the cover. I think you'll like it.


Mizufae said...

i will buy this book if you promise to wink at me (i am a girl) or at least provide a video thereof seeing as how i have no idea when i could see you in the virile flesh. also i will buy this book because it probably involves GHOSTS, i am thinking.

DCW said...

I'll assume the O is neither a ghost nor is it being possessed by a ghost.
Why this is really boggles the mind, considering how two opted to actually share an H!
Spooks are not known for their sharing!

John A said...

No the O is not a ghost, or if it is, it is facing AWAY from the camera!

Roman said...

Hooray for original story-books! I look forward to adding this one to my collection.

Unknown said...

Yay! Yaaaaay! I will for certain purchase one and also browbeat my friends into doing so as well.

wombat said...

I would like to buy this book. But I want you to enjoy life! I am not sure what to do!

Sparkles F said...

Yes! I like the side stories. I will purchase this one as well. I love how Amy merely looks disgruntled instead of frightened. She is more worried about her leggings than the ghosts.

spasticfreakshow said...

i am another girl who will buy the book for a wink, maybe you'll throw in a promise of long sleeved shirts?