Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crooked grind

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. My many revolting old walls are being skimmed so I can sell my castle. Sadly this has only served to make the house extremely filthy in every way, and rendered most of my possessions inaccessible. Join me in praying that, a week from now, order will have been restored (at massive expense).

I did start work on an SGR skateboard. The idea was suggested to me before Chris Onstad introduced his, but only about two days before. The number of times this has occurred is high, real high, like a beanstalk. Onstad is always one step ahead - like a pixie.

Anyway, here it is, tall in every way:

It's urban, yet rural. Do you see?


Teresa Bowman said...

So now you can proudly tell prospective buyers: "This is a good castle, the walls have been skimmed and the ghost hole has been filled in." They'll snap it up.

Roman said...

I fully expect your next project to be a DIY book titled "Real Estate Marketing for Cartoonists."

P.S. that's quite a nice Shelley.

Tom Meade said...

It looks very... happy.

John A said...

Patrick, drop me an email if you'd like to work together on something.

Quinn said...

If you make this long, tall shelly into a bookmark, non-skaters may enjoy it as well! You could personalise the back for extra money! You could sell it in tandem with BOOKS RULE!

And then everyone would win.

Christophe said...


Esther is wearing a Santie Hat on the front page!!!

The contradiction is delicious.