Monday, October 10, 2005

New ways

In an attempt to compete with the top comics of the internet, such as Questionable Contents and Sam and Fuzzies, all my comics will now be drawn on Pergo with Sharpie.

The day the world changed!


Sam Logan said...

Someone direct me to this place where Samming Fuzzies is a top comic! I must have been using the wrong internet all this time.

John, I think you might have caught something on your trip to America. Maybe you have a case of that "freedoms" I keep hearing about!

Or maybe malaria.

eye candy said...

It looks like a very angry drawing, like it was done in a rage.

rs said...

i am told that fate uses a sharpie, and not threads of lifelines, as was previously thought, to create the intricate tapestries of fate.

Unknown said...

Remember, John, a sharpie is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.

BTW, I picked up my American version of The Go! Team's new album this weekend and it's made me deliriously happy and warm inside. Thanks for the recommendation.

thehoopiestfrood said...

You mean laminate flooring with a marker pen?

John A said...

Every time I go to stay with R Stevens (or even just see him in a place) he pushes Sharpies into my hands. Packets of chisel tips, fat Sharpies, fine-liners, click-top Sharpies that defy science, colour Sharpies... I even have a Sharpie key ring. While I don't really like drawing with Sharpie on paper because of the bleed, nothing smells finer than Xylene when you have half a cardboard box or a bit of wood to draw on.

Due to some fairly drastic solvent related by-laws, Britain lost the permanent marker wars. We probably didn't lose the brain damage wars though*.

*Except we did that too through the invention of "city centre binge drinking".

John A said...

"Hoppiest frodo"

Pergo is the fanciest laminate flooring, so fancy that laminate men put its logo on their yellow pages ads.

"Kyle Jones"

You can buy it if you want!

thehoopiestfrood said...

"Hoppiest frodo"??

Douglas Adams would be rolling in his grave, if he hadn't been cremated...