Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I am in a secret location in New York city which cannot be revealed at any cost. Already I have hatched some serious schemes and judged this great nation as only the Englishman can. The freedom eagle's belly is ripe for tickling, and I have a feather that is up to the task.


Tom Meade said...

It would be fun to put-on a warden's uniform and fake a British accent, then wander around seeing if anyone got it.

Roman said...

Welcome to my mo-feckin' state, man! Though Brooklyn is quite, quite different than the city I live in.

Roman said...

I envision John strutting down the street this afternoon to a high-hat beat, a la Tony Manero:

Well you can tell by the way he talk his talk,
He's an Englishman,
And he don't not squawk, etc.

Unknown said...

Welcome to my city.

As a warning, should I find you wandering aimless through my streets I will be forced to purchase several pints of beer and shove them in your general direction.

Refusfal of alcomaholic beverages is punishable by the forced watching of hours of crappy 80's Amercian sitcoms. No Cheers. No Cosby. Only Mr. Belvedere and Full House. Perfect Strangers if you're lucky

Unknown said...


I really can't defend my country's taste in beer.

While there are good beers to be found in every area of the country (East Coast too -- try Magic Hat #9 sometime), most of my homeland actually prefers to drink the cheap, mass produced, mass advertised, massively watered down, alcomaholic swill they call Budweiser.

For most of the country beer isn't a tasty beverage, it's simply a medium for the alcohol.

marco said...

as you are abroad, prolly i'm almost apologized to post a comment here, about the currently happenings at SCR, as they happens because you are away... GREAT WORK! nice to see Len back, but anyway, nice to see the effort you have put in make enjoyable as a reading the how-to.
however, as you are in US, take a time to go see

eye candy said...

I agree with Marco, your how-to is brilliant. I am enjoying it much more than I would enjoy a week of, say, guest strips.

Corwin said...

This is just like Arrested Development. Life immitating art.


"For British eyes only..."

Unknown said...

BTW, John -- I've loved the tutorial all week long, but you've seriously outdone yourself today by putting Riley in an old-school Rogue outfit. 'Nuff Said!

Magnu-tron said...

I have a theory, and this is that you are looking to see how many odd comments about beer you can drum up with two weeks and a three sentence post. A 'waiting game': both entertaining and effortless (although, hats off if so, as crafting a seemingly unrelated post which tends deterministically toward the discussion of beer *would* require you to employ all of your intuitive and creative skills)(or is it the exact opposite?).

Yes? No?

John A said...

I think if you sit three American males with a certain level of education and waist size in a room together, they will start talking about "microbreweries". I imagine a microbrewery to be where they make computers processors out of liquid, using fermentation and transistors.

There will be a new post SOON. I am back on home soil but I caught a cold and had to spend several days weeping and pawing weakly at the air.

Magnu-tron said...
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Magnu-tron said...

I feel for you, brother. I'm also sick. I think it's probably a coincidence, but we can never be sure.

I make computer processors for a living! You don't want to confuse breweries and ic fabs. Before you know it, you're downing a nice frothy mug of hydrofluoric acid and I've never seen that end well.

Corwin said...

Microbreweries only employ little pixies, though the treats they produce are delicious.