Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stanshall Aloud

Last night I went to see the Vivian Girls. Their album is ramshackle fun (kind of a shambling C86 sound) so there was no guarantee they would be any good. Sometimes a record like that is the sound of a weak band doing their very best. But in person they were better than on record, a fierce, confident and concise outfit! When I got home I felt I had to draw them immediately (after going to bed and spending several hours doing other things).

Prior to the show, the red-headed one gave me the skunk eye something rotten for daring to look past her. They had some ferocious tattoos (including, I believe, an ice-cream sundae) but I have drawn them the wrong way round to illustrate the fine and sailor-like artwork on show. I am sure Mojo or Spin will write to me to draw them again after this showing so I will draw the tattoos next time.

Vivian Girls on Myspace


Bri said...

I reviewed their album for the COTMA blog [music reviews from my campus radio station] and felt they were a band I SHOULD like, but I wasn't quite convinced. You've renewed my faith, I'll have to see them live!

K said...

They should be honoured to be drawn by you - that drawing's ace!

I do like the subtle Moomin reference in today's strip.

Citizen Meh said...

I quite enjoyed them on Tuesday. Fantastic drawing!

John said...

You should watch the video referenced here...

...and check out the thread.

Not that it makes much difference to me because I think they're awful (and I am a HUGE C86 fan) but man if that video interview didn't make me dislike them all the more.