Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sometimes I don't get to see my shirts until months or even years after I design them (I only own a very few of them myself - I prefer a shirt with buttons). But occasionally people send me a photo. And as George Harrison might have said, my sweet lord:

Thank you Andrew Kozma, a man who is plainly some kind of self-styled lord of the moths.


mordicai said...

Well are SGR button-ups out of the question? A little Krakagar on the pocket instead of an aligator! I'd buy two!

felix said...

Why don't you send us a photo? A little something to keep under the pillow, pin on the ceiling above a bed, that kind of thing.

K said...

Hey, now that I have a working digital camera again I will happily send you pics of me in any or all of my four SGR shirts. Maybe not dressed as a moth.

Talking of stuff one can order, I got my books today and they look lovely! They've been abstracted from my grasp until Christmas, however :(

V^e said...

A while ago I mentioned that I was terrified by that creepy-ass rag doll show. I'm still terrified. This isn't even close to being as scary.

Totally weird, though. Weird.