Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exile in Gruyèreville

I note with interest that one of my favourite records, Liz Phair's 'Exile In Guyville', has been reissued. She's made some nasty old albums this decade but I can forgive her just about anything. The flurry of new reviews reminded me of a song that she made in about 2001 (which had a video and everything!) This, we were promised, was the brand new thing, but then when the new album came out about two years later, it wasn't on it, and instead there was a song about playing on the Xbox and another one about (forgive me) white wee wee.

Anyway, Youtube is Swahili for "old pop videos never die" so I put this up for my benefit only.

Although I am a firm believer in paying for music, apparently my copy of Exile In Guyville was pirated from Bury Library's own, paid-for disc. It features a sleeve apparently reproduced on a Chromalin digital printer circa 1999. These digital prints used to cost customers £50 a page. Oh wild, brahmin youth!


guladana said...

here's one for you John. Liz phair performing Fuck & Run at the Vic Theatre in Chicago last night. oh the memories this song brings back...

dizzypixel said...

I have to admit that I'm a bit out of the loop lately on Liz. I loved her early stuff, but as of late - well, not so much. Anyway, she had a show at the Fillmore in San Francisco the other night that I got tix to. I didn't know what to expect, I was secretly hoping she'd play some of her old stuff but I fully expected her to be promoting a new CD or something.

Imagine my SURPRISE when she played Exile in Guyville track by track, all the way through. It was the most perfect Liz show I've ever seen. I'm so glad I didn't write her off. Liz was fantastic, and her band was just as good as ever.