Thursday, February 01, 2007

Print making

I'm working on a new print! I meant to do one every three months but the last one was... July? That's pretty hopeless. Still, I want to at least have one new thing for the UK Webcomix Thing in March so I'd better crack on.

As opinion leant that way, I decided to hand draw my new print rather than doing in in Illustrator like the last two. But it's proving tricky so far to make something I like when I can't tweak it to oblivion there after.

The only idea I finished, I ended up liking nothing about other than its title "The Greatest Lover In Micronesia". So wooden and stiff! But there's grist enough for several mills below.

The thing below seems a bit too cutesy pie. It's a good Yeti though, good and furious.

Lots of ideas! I thought Shelley could fight a giant robot, that might be kind of a good deal. But perhaps it is just plain ludicrous. My other ideas all involved either fish or stupidity.

It's hard to make something that people will look at for more than ten seconds. But I will keep trying because I know bloodymindedness is the quality in me that people most admire (or least loathe).


Sleepery said...

I vote tiki!!!

Anonymous said...

hey john, i like the plan of doing this one by hand, however i'm not a huge fan of the crazy wooden tiki loverman, i do like the yeti, but i can see how it would be hard to make into something with eye-catching print worthy aesthetics. I am by no means anyone who knows what they are talking about, but the 'shelley fights a giant robot'idea grabbed me most, as the scale of the thing against shelley and the detail you could add to it would be super awesome on a print!

sodapops!! said...

i love fish! especially coelacanths, what cuties♡♡ some shelley vs. prehistoric monsterfish action would be QUITE and also VERY on a scale of amazing!! the tiki thing is also very nice, yes for moon!, but a bit unseasonal if you're taking it in march?

i think something cute and simple would work well! (like COELACANTH) like a rainy scene or summat. whatever you do will be veryvery nice obviously!

Mizufae said...

i'm just going to have to vote for fish or some type of aquatic life because that tiki man is far too smarmy to put on any of my walls. also you always manage to give things that don't have complex facial muscles in real life the most conniving of expressions when you draw them.
perhaps a scottish adventure involving hats with little bobbles on top and a run-in with nessie? that's aquatic...

Unknown said...

i would like to (brush) ink some of your swishy penciled lines as they are very nice & fluid, like