Thursday, February 01, 2007


After a day of frantic artistic activity, all I managed to produce was a Scary Go Round sticker (the first!) I don't think I'll actually put them up for sale, that would of course be NUTS. I guess you'll get a couple when you order something else.

Manly, ain't it? Stick that on your Trans Am!


fingle said...

I could stick it on someone else's TransAm! But it's manly enough for my old pickup truck. Besides, isn't that a gun on her chest? That's MANLY!

(I am inordinately proud that I got the Learner Swami Turban reference in the recent comic, even though I'm from the far west coast of California. It made me laugh!)

- Pat

wgwallace said...

I want one for my bass case!

Mizufae said...

dang, her calves are *strapping*!
and actually, knowing that such a thing would come with something else would make me want to purchase that something else even more.

SavantGuarde said...

if this sticker is made available I will stick one on my pontiac Fiero. not quite a trans-am but its the best I can do.

Christophe said...

How about a slacker Ryan?

Like, even slacker than usual.

John Allison slack.

You get the drift.

arborealprimate said...

You could make it scratch and sniff. Where what you sniff is pure testosterone.

Drew the Falconeer said...

Man, just right after I bought all the books and tshirts? :D

Hurry up putting up that 5th book for sale! I need stickeer!!

Tanukitsune said...

What about people like who are holding out from buying stuff because they want to buy stuff from you at the Mini Web & Comix Thing?

Will you bring some to that?

John A said...

Tanikitsune: Relies on my having them printed in time and then getting an envelope of them sent over by March 15. It's possible I suppose!

Drew: don't hold your breath, I haven't even started laying out pages or making extra book things yet. Only one (1) person has bothered to email me with the sort of extra things they would like!

Roman said...

We could make a game out of applying your Shelley sticker to other people's Trans Ams!