Monday, February 05, 2007


Work proceeds apace on print 3! I have put some flat colours on there, now I will seek guidance from my artier friends in the art community on getting this thing looking tip top. Or rather, I will carp on to Kelly Patches and Andy Bell until they tell me what to do (like always).


Mizufae said...

choose a time of day (dawn and sunset are generally the most interesting and atmospheric) and using that to guide all your color choices, change the color of the truck to isolate shelley and make her the only really green object (unless you dont want her isolated in which case bring green over to the other half of the image), add texture and interest via shades and tints to some of the larger areas (such as the sky) and unify the drawing with linework like you've done on the wooden dock (if you've added green everywhere that may diminish the impact of the dock too much), make the water and jellyfish look wet through use of tints, figure out what goes in that grey space inside the dock, and maybe do something to bring the eye over to redrobot and the lamppost so you have a good three areas of interest (shelley, the boat name, and the vertical space between robot and lamp.) oh, and maybe muck up the boat a bit so it looks used. them's my two cents.

PS: it is awesome anyway.

Quinn said...

sorry to say I prefer to see shelly get hit on by a voodoo daddy. Or holding a big fish and crying. Am I supposed to know what the words on the boat mean?

Sorry, but my favorite parts of SGR ARE the cutesy parts. Everything from you that I've bought is cutesy, so that's most likely my problem.


Anonymous said...

Lee and Herring reference, hooray! AS SUCH THIS DESIGN COULD NOT BE BETTER.