Friday, July 21, 2006

A stew

it's still a churning urn of burning funk outside as the heat-wave continues. Unfortunately Scary Go Round has been affected. At 10.15am Scary Go Round buckled due to high temperatures and is now running 45 minutes late. We apologise for the delay.

I drew this to test my new pens. I've had to stop using Fountain Pentels, since I don't think Pentel make them anymore and when I manage to buy a box, half of them seem to be partially dried out. I remember being given a Fountain Pentel at school when I was 9, it was considered to be the newest and most exciting pen ever created. Sadly, it turned out to be the most esoteric and unreliable mass production pen of all time.

I used them because if you flip the pen over, you can choose between the thick and thin side of the nib, thereby not having to pick up a smaller pen. Unfortunately no two Pentels were ever the same, and it was a pulse pounding lottery on applying a new one to fresh pencils as to whether it was a. too pointy, b. a "spitter", spraying a fine spume behind the nib in tribute to Ralph Steadman or c. just right (in which case it would run out after 4 days or be lost within minutes).

I still have 5 left in a carton but as with all things, I will be taking them out in the back yard and shooting them. It just seems like the right thing to do.


michael said...

Nothing better than a high quality pen, John - it's the mark of a man. I'd suggest you head to Muji (there's one in That Manchester), who do a pen that's scarily similar to the one you describe, and is much more reliable. It's the drawing / writing implement choice of the modern generation. Plus it has secksy Japanese writing along the side of it. Rawr.

fingle said...

It's 10 PM on Saturday night in Southern California, and it's 27C in my living room... Of course, if we hadn't gone to ComiCon in San Diego today, we could have stayed home to arrange the window fans in a more harmonious and cooler configuration. They're working overtime now to try to correct matters.

I have to tell you that you were very well represented by all of the folks at the Dumbrella booth today. When I mentioned that I was looking for SGR books, they made haste to point them out, and several of the other artists and staff were quite willing to stand there and chat about YOUR work! A very professional crew. My kid was wearing her new "Books Rule" shirt (which got TONS of comments today!) and one of the guys at the Dumbrella booth took her photo to send to you. Please don't be frightened by the braces. She's thirteen and in an awkward stage...

We bought as many things as we could, and had a grand time the rest of the day burning out our retinas looking at art.

And now I own your first book, and your latest book! I'm looking forward to filling in the gaps. You must come to San Diego someday. The weather was fabulous, and there are tons of bars and restaurants just moments away from the Convention Center...

- Pat Hough

Kyra said...

Aw, yay, Dumbrella supports The Englishman from afar!

Guy said...

So, what new pen did you try out?