Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The cards are post-poned because I have to pay Les the builder to fix the kitchen floor. If I'd put away £10 every week for the five and a half years that I've been putting off having the floor levelled, I could have paid for it twice over. He's going to pour concrete into a hole, it is extremely exciting. Also there will be "screeds". There may be ghosts in the hole, I don't know.

The playing cards are a pricy business to make because I have to produce them in a large number (unlike the tea towels and other such gewgaws). The art is all done, I just have to steady the money ship.


Lauren D. said...

im excited about the cards.

i'll buy a set.

i cant wait.

Tomato said...

Haunted holes! that is a frightening though. But i suppose a hole would make a comfy home for a ghost.

Frightening cavities aside, i would be willing to purchase the cards on a pre-order basis if this would help you get the funding you need to get the cards printed.

Perhaps i am beeing needy and assinine. But i won't know if i'm needy and assinine unless i try.

Roman said...

I once lived in a house with a slanty-floored kitchen. It was difficult to find small pieces of food, once dropped. There was probably a collection of dried-out peas and petrified grains of rice at the back corner of the kitchen.

Teresa Bowman said...

"I, too, have ceased to receive the daily missives from Mr. Allison. So it isn't just you."

Probably too busy battling the ghosts in the hole in the kitchen floor.

It isn't easy sending e-mails when you have ghosts in your house. They keep jumping on your desk and walking over the keyboard ... oh wait, no, that's cats. I always get those two mixed up.

Suds said...

I would also pre-order cards!

John A said...

I haven't had the time to send the mailouts recently. I'm sure they'll be back soon.