Friday, May 20, 2005

Space Wars, nothing but space wars

After Swami Fridays (terrible) and Cockney Fridays (underwhelming) on the mailing list, on the blog I will bring followers of my musical "lists" special musical Fridays with good sounds. Remember, buy music if you can afford it, don't download it for free from some sweaty dude who doesn't wash.

This week I had a Scott Miller revival, with super-intelligent sounds entering my head via my ears:

Game Theory - "Lolita Nation" (Enigma, 1987)

Loud Family - "Interbabe Concern" (Alias, 1996)

I always believed that the Dismemberment Plan would sound like Pac Man choking on a wasp, but after years of careful avoidance, I found that this just wasn't true:

Dismemberment Plan - "Emergency and I" (De Soto, 1999)

The Hold Steady are 50% Springsteen, 50% Husker Du. Do you see how that could be? A right racket!

The Hold Steady - "Separation Sunday" (French Kiss, 2005)

I will understand if you don't want to hear my sounds and prefer to watch "Space Wars 3", but let's face it, George Lucas is hiding something behind his pompadour and too-neat beard. It may just be your hard earned money spent watching terrible films.


The Gain Card said...

I can't believe you ain't heard of the dismemberment plan till now, doggie! If you will, please obtain the following 3 albums to make your life complete:

Dismemberment Plan: Change
A People's History of the
Dismemberment Plan
and Travis Morrison: Travistan

that's all. have a nice time.

Eve said...

people line up for the new star wars as if they didn't watch the first two movies. as if they didn't remember lines like "the sand is rough but your skin is smooth."

sad sad sad.

Blatherard Osmo said...

Eh Johnnie some of us haven't got time to trawl the internets looking for obscure indie music, because we are too busy watching Space Wars. Chill out and let people like it if they want to.

John said...

Emergency & I is one of the best albums I ever did hear.

John A said...

Now come on, surely bad films make others seem better by comparison. I have only seen each Space Wars film once but here are my memories (I did have the comic book adaptations):

Star Wars: the trash compactor bit was extremely excellent. That was some highly interesting goo. Parental skellingtons?

Empires Striking: this one was confusing! Someone hid inside the guts of a beast, there were snow fights and maybe an AT-AT? A hand got chopped off too I think.

Returning Jedis: beecha wa-wa Ewokkery. C3PO gets to be a king, also there is a Rancor pit (maybe). This seemed generally pretty good.

Phantom Menaces: there wasn't any good acting in this one and it was about trade sanctions I think. The one thing I liked was the guy with a very long wobbly neck. Dave Maul disappointed.

Clown Attacks: more bad acting, Yoda was pretty good but that was it. Everyone likes Yoda, he's decent.

Sith Revenges: As far as I am led to believe, this features Dave Vader, the blackest dude in space. Everyone likes Dave Vader, he is the ultimate spaceman.

Lord Osmo, if you are familiar with my writings, you will know that I do not really care if anyone likes the things I like or agrees with me, due to the existence of different points of view. Chill out and let me comb my indie internets! PS sorry if this sounds mean.