Saturday, May 21, 2005

A message to a man

Here is a picture I drew to wish my friend Andy Bell good luck, he is leaving the soft and loving arms of Nickelodeon for a dangerous freelance life.

Scant news today as I filled my body with cold liquids at a wedding reception last night. I have a profound sense of regret that I didn't eat anything from the buffet, but you see I had made an omelette earlier and my appetite was sated.


krylonultraflat said...
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krylonultraflat said...

hat being looks as though passing gas had long since stopped causing it bursts of inane pleasure and had become as commonplace as exhaling, the same way that its intake of Tums likely rivals its food consumption.

(original attempt at this post deleted and replaced with a more demure version)

Elizabeth said...

As long as he wasn't soley responsible for creating Rugrats all grown up, then he'll be fine.

Zach said...

I believe the actual title is "Rugrats All GrowED up." Because whenever you turn twelve, you cease to be able to create phrases that make actual sense, even if you were able to do this at...oh...say 6 months.
Unless your Angelica and...oy. Oy. Someone please stop her from talking.

And John, is it okay that I'm in love with you? After all...I am a guy and I do already have a boyfriend but... I love you.