Friday, August 01, 2008

Father forgive me

Yesterday I was talking to Kate Beaton and I offered her the idea below free of charge. I have been watching David Starkey's 'Monarchy' series as you can probably tell from my idea, which is a nun exposing her bum to Ethelred the Unready.

With apologies to Kate, David Starkey, nuns, Denmark and anyone who has gone spontaneously blind.


Kjerstin said...

I think "nun bum" will be my new favorite expletive!

Victoria said...

John, today's comic (Butcher! Baker! Candlestick maker!) made me laugh out loud. Amazing! I wish there were more citizen superheroes.

I do have to say that I really miss the 'comments' option below each strip though.

Simon said...

Honestly. I come over to the official blog just to say how utterly, stupendously brilliant the last three strips were... and someone's beaten me to it.

Nonetheless. Well done.

Rob said...

John. I bought one of your art packs. I am moving and I thought 'I need pretty Scary-Go-Round things to decorate my future walls.'

Keep being awesome.

The Lake Fever said...

I hope I won't have to pay you royalties every time I use "Show me the Danegeld!" in conversation, because I don't want to be destitute.