Monday, August 18, 2008

Bathroom 2

Today was very exciting. A skip arrived (I learned that Canadians don't know what a skip is because they are all born with trucks) for the bathroom of the past. Of course, I took the opportunity to throw every unwanted item I own into it. That's what having a skip is all about (or rather, your neighbours having a skip).

My bathroom fitter is a LADY which is amazing. Usually a hairy arsed man is responsible for destruction around the home, but today there a civilised air about the place. It is like World War 2 and now I see how the war at home was won, with the sweat of sisters' brows.

Of course it is not all skip fun and gender equality. When the tiles came off, the wall beneath looked like ancient cake and had a similar consistency. Let us pray it can be "made good". Pray with me, blog readers. But the wobbly wall has almost been replaced and now feels sturdy enough to resist at least the initial Russian nuclear strike. Situated as I am just one mile from BAE Systems in Middleton, I will be the first webcartoonist to die in the coming conflict. So keep prayin'.

But progress is good and there is no need to "have kittens" today. I will return tomorrow with more of the same.


Gene Ha said...

This sounds like it'll form the inspiration for something brilliant. As any reader of Peter Milligan's Enigma knows, all you need to do to drive someone insane is properly re-arrange their furniture.

Best of luck!

Stephen said...

Are you listening to Out On The Tiles by Led Zepplin while you do the bathroom?


Sorry. But if the worker is a lady, then whose responsibility is it to leer at the page 3 girl in The Sun? Do you even have a copy of it? The whole operation could be in jeopardy.

Marlo Meekins said...

John, did you know that Skip is my dad's name? haha

Dean said...

Duck and cover, John, that's the ticket. Just like they did in the Eisenhower administration.

Brimstone Magpie said...

You could have a para-ornithological experiment were you document all those strange creatures who have a nose through your skip.

Credit Crunch has made skip diving a trendy hobby, so perhaps you may spot a lost advertising executive trying to find sparklies for his third and least favourite mistress.