Thursday, July 31, 2008

You're The Mugs

I wonder if anyone reading this knows what "You're The Mugs" refers to. My brother is not allowed to enter this competition.

I have designed a mug for Café Grumpy in New York (visit their locations in Greenpoint and Chelsea and know that you have truly lived). New Yorkers can get down there and own some high quality porcelain. Drinking from it will cure your ills and water in this mug may turn into wine.

The design, which can kindly be described as "berserk", is a tribute to my favourite ever mug which I got from the Museum of Film, Photography and Television (as it was then known) in Bradford. In fact, I bought it twice, and would buy it again if I could. That mug featured a family misbehaving, including a baby pulling the guts out of a TV. The first one fell apart in the washing up bowl, the second rolled (how?) into the washing machine.


Maryjo said...

i love the mug! is there any way to buy one if you live no where near NYC?

Zalarus said...

Yay! I only live an hour outside of the mentioned city! The mug is mine.

Jen Dockter said...

yah I would love to get one of these. I got the mugs from Octopus Pie and would like another 2-set to round out my comics-mugs..uh..collection? Or at very least for when there are people over who want coffee out of something other than old chipped cups from when my mother was 20 or a drinking glass while the other two mugs are already occupied.