Thursday, August 02, 2012

Another redone page

There are a few very early Bad Machinery pages that I drew under difficult circumstances. I had to take  a few of them to task ready for the collection. Then I had to fix some of the changes because the way I draw the characters has obviously changed since late 2009/early 2010. then I drew about 15 extra pages to go in between existing pages, just to flesh out certain scenes that were left a little abrupt by the daily format.

Here's the only one I had to redo almost from scratch - mainly because I had to draw Erin's car again for the new pages and couldn't recreate the odd looking thing I drew back at the end of '09.




DSP said...

looking good! shame, in a way, that they car got a recognisable brand.. I liked that mysterious non-Honda 'H'!

PH11 LYS - BM must be set sometime in the future for this to be an old banger (also this plate would have been in the future when the strip was drawn). Even for personalised plates this would have had questions over it..

however, P111 LYS would work, with the screw joining the first two '1's at the hip ;-)

Yttrovorsk said...

Ah, poor Erin, life is just one heartbreak after another, resigned to making Faustian bargains with children.

At least her glasses look less buglike now, and you've gotten increasingly better at drawing cars.

I feel inclined to ask, why the change from pence to percent?

John A said...

Yttrovorsk: I felt it read more like a typo than a joke, I like "ten per cents" better.

Yttrovorsk said...

Ah, I just assumed Lottie misheard. I guess half of writing dialogue is making sure the reader sees the mistake as the character's and not the writer's!

Though I did spend a shameful amount of time trying to work out what Cecile's "parrot eyes" meant.

Becki said...

My first car was this car. A beauty of a Fiat, painted in matt blue and covered in rust. It also needed a pump on the choke to start up. This has brought back all kinds of memories, John!

Todd M. said...

I thought the original was great, but the revision is excellent! An improvement across the board with expressions and silhouettes and compositions and so on. All this, but it's still so nice and subtle --

Can't wait to see it in print!

Kest said...

I liked the quirkiness of the original page. At least Erin looks like less of a jerk on the redone version.